I was born in Indore and spent initial years of my life there only. I have been a very shy sort of boy since my childhood especially when it comes to interacting with girls. I feel that's basically because I have been brought up in a virtually all boys’ school and then in college my branch was Mechanical Engineering and it is very rare to have girls in this branch. So there has been no chance of close interaction with girls. My MMS turned my life. I started interacting with girls, thanks to my friend Pooja. Somehow I became comfortable with girls more than ever and today Pooja is my best friend.

Its me on the Bike!!








Me and my friends!!!

My life revolves around my friends.. I believe in friendship forever. I am a typical Sagittarian. And most of my friends are also Sagis, though I get along very well with everyone. My best friends are my College friends whom you have seen. My friends are my life and that's why I have dedicated most part of this site to my friends. They are the ones who I can call upon in crisis. My friends call me Panchayati.. because I keep in touch with everyone and I have the news of everyone and anyone in the want of information asks me.. My friends call me Telephone Directory as I have everyone's phone number on my tips.








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